apostle to the apostles
nina. 18. umw '18. tyrell/martell/slytherin mix. likes espresso, art history, makeup, cosmologies and hagiographies, sansa stark, juan borgia, codependent aristocratic siblings, and horizontal stripes.

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there’s a lifelong learner in my bible class and he keeps asking questions and i am gonna be late for my horrible horrible art history class and i’m kind of afraid of the professor why do bad things happen to me on my fourth day of college

  1. la-bella-simonetta said: I have the same issue in my German class but fortunately I don’t have a class immediatly after. I’m sure your next professor will understand. Also you could always kill it with fire
  2. serbarawarden said: get up and leave. youre in college most professors assume you’ve got to do something if you do leave
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